Optical 3D Sensor PHOENIX
Structured Light Projection and Image Processing Sensor

The new optical non-contact 3D sensor PHOENIX captures point clouds and geometry elements in one working cycle. Phoenix provides precise results, high speeds and a wide range of applications. Its ease of use makes it the ideal tool for quality assurance, serial monitoring and serial analysis. The sensor is based on a combination of light projection and image processing.

Typical application areas of the PHOENIX are the automotive industry, but also plastic and sheet metal processing. Time-consuming inspections can be done quickly and reliably especially in mass production, such as in car body construction, in housing production or on plastic parts. The small and lightweight design allows the sensor to be connected to 3D coordinate measuring machines with standard components and the use in production lines and special measurement units.

Features and Benefits

  • The sensor enables the detection and measurement of mixed materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics combined with aluminum and sheet metal

  • The PHOENIX has the ability to recognize different textured surfaces, to diagnose defects such as scratches and even to collect barcodes for process control

  • Multi-colored components and small, rough and flexible work pieces can be easily measured

  • The new PHOENIX is fully integrated into WENZEL software packages. Due to its light weight it can be fi tted to the PH10 motorized indexing head and the PHS servo positioning head from Renishaw

  • Multi-Sensor operation and automatic exchange possible

  • All system components integrate perfectly because CMM, sensor and software are developed, produced and maintained by WENZEL

  • and much more

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