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New Generation of the Optical Scanning System, CORE D


The next chapter in the eight year story of the WENZEL Optical High Speed Scanning System CORE D has begun. The CORE D was developed to improve measurement speed in the production process and is today an established, global solution for complex measurement tasks in production processes of various manufacturing industries. The hardware, sensor and the design of the CORE D have been extensively reworked and improved.

The accuracy of the machine with the optical Double-Eye white-light point sensor for the probing test MPEP has been improved by 100 % since the introduction of the machine. The stability of the measurement process is enhanced by the new generation of the Double-Eye white-light point sensor, which is also introduced at the same time. The design and inside of the sensor has been optimized by continual improvement processes. The sensor is capable to measure the increasingly complex parts in shortest time.

The camera in the new sensor has an increased resolution and better sensitivity and therefore improves the measurement process due to larger light yield. The active cooling system is replaced by a passive one which is more robust even within a dusty production environment. The sensor is mounted on a magnetic crash protection joint which can trigger if the sensor touches the part. The new sensor generation maintains the large working distance of 80mm, the measurement range of +/- 3mm as well as the large angular acceptance of up to 85 degrees.

The new automatic and integrated light and environment protection cover of the new CORE D ensures the accurate optical measurement even on highly polished parts within suboptimal lighting conditions as often found in production environments. Furthermore, the protection cover improves the safety of the operator and provides additional protection of the measurement system.

The design of the new CORE generation takes its design cues from the coordinate measuring machines, gear testers, the computer tomography systems and styling solution machines from WENZEL. The angular edges are replaced by softer and rounder forms and the previously grey underframe is now a modern black and white. The protection cover is perfectly integrated into the new CORE design. The large opening still offers very good accessibility from 3 sides and the CORE D is well suited for projects where robot loading is a requirement.

Of course, the numerous, traditional advantages of the system are kept and continue in the new machine generation: the ability to measure sharp edges and small features without tip compensation errors, the simultaneous control of the 3 linear and 2 rotary axes, the compact footprint, the large temperature range, the great accessibility and integrated work station. And the CORE D still does not need an air supply.

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